Yonaga hime to Mimi otoko (Princess Yonaga and a guy with long ears)
This is a real masterpiece written by a classic writer Ango Sakaguchi.
Long long ago in Japan, there was a weird-looking sculptor with long ears. One day he was asked to go to a castle where little princess Yonaga was living.
The sculptor was asked to curve a guardian statue for the princess. But princess Yonaga, innocent and cruel, ordered her follows to cut his ear. After missing his ear, the sculptor started curving the guardian statue with anger.
What happens when he finish to curve? This is a mysterious and attractive story reflecting Japanese sense of beauty, I think. A literary work like a picture, as beautiful as Jean Cocteau’s novel. As mysterious as ‘colors’, the film Takeshi Kitano executed as a director.
The story about princess Yonaga is short, so it is only a small part of this book. But still, it is worth reading.


テーマ:本の紹介 - ジャンル:学問・文化・芸術

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